Saturday, October 8, 2016

Back in Town and on to Polyvore

On September 21, it was exactly two years since my mother's passing. No one can explain the depth of emotions that linger during that period of mourning.

The next day, Mr ChaCha and I flew to England for a two-week vacation, during which time not one knitting needle, crochet hook, yarn or bead was handled. (Although I did buy some cool buttons, which I'll show you in a later post.)

It was a true break, and now I am returned with new energy. Some of that energy during the past two days has been spent learning how to use Polyvore. Over at Etsy, use of curation templates collectively called the treasury was discontinued during my absence from the country. A whole lot of us Etsians have migrated our curating of items to Polyvore. It's a pretty cool site. This is the first "set" I made, inspired by fashion that I saw on our trip:
This set was built around the lace skirt, which is an emerging style on young women in London. A maxi or midi-length, sheer-lace skirt is worn over a knee-length or mini-length opaque skirt. The style looked best on women who were tall and slender. The blanket-style big scarf was still a popular item, and most women wore comfortable shoes on the street and not tall heels.

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