Monday, January 17, 2011

New Blog Features

During the L.A. trip I gave some thought as to what to write about during the coming year on this blog. Most blogging advisors recommend having an editorial plan and a regular posting schedule instead of just writing whenever the mood strikes you and about whatever pops into your head that day.

I've been pretty spontaneous here and have really enjoyed blogging, but a more organized approach during 2011 is certainly worth trying for comparison.

This year you will find some new and some continuing features:

  • In the Studio - photos and discussion of creative projects and general mayhem going on around here
  • Fashion Tapas - little bites of fashion history or tastes of current style with a side dish of opinion, perhaps
  • Technique Exploration - examination of fiberwork techniques and some experimentation which may be brilliant or may be foolhardy
  • Tutorial Corner - some projects based on techniques that have been explored in the previous feature
  • Featured Artists - continued tradition of showcasing those talented individuals that inspire the heck out of me with their work
  • Where Have I Been? Where am I Now? - Literally, as in trip photos or photos of Portland & the Pacific Northwest; figuratively, as in my thoughts and ideas as a designer/maker and an online entrepreneur

Here is a little teaser for the first fashion tapa, which will be in the next post:

Meet Blanche. The year is 1830.  
From the Fashioning Fashion exhibit at LACMA.


Additionsstyle said...

Sounds great! I can't wait to check out all the new things you are going to have on your blog this year.

elsiee said...

love your 2011 blog vision! very exciting!!