Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Goodness! What has this bad blogger been doing while playing hooky from the blog?

First fiber festival experience as a vendor at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival: I didn't have the perfect product mix or a lot of inventory, so it was basically a break even proposition, but it was fun, a lot was learned, and I got to see lots of spinner and knitter friends. Took pictures, but my iPhone died last week before I downloaded the photos to my computer, and so they are lost forever. How about a  sheep goat photo from a previous festival? (See comments below)

Getting ready for the winter selling season and holiday knitting: I'm been knitting hats, scarves, neckwarmers, and handwarmers to try to get my gift knitting done early and also get stocked up for winter selling on Etsy. Also getting stocked up with shipping supplies. Learned how to do PayPal shipping.

Working on pattern writing: At the festival I sold some hat kits that will soon appear in my shop. More on this later. In addition to the hat, two other patterns are ready, and more patterns are in progress. Hope to have kits in the store by the end of the month and some patterns for sale on Ravelry soon.

Consulting with a local web design team: I want to finally do something with my totally neglected domain name, a web page, blog redesign, etc. You may start to see changes to the blog. I'll be adding some additional pages to announce upcoming classes, patterns in development, and events at which I'll be a vendor.

Really busy at the day job: Things have been hopping at the office. Between this and that, pretty much I'm going to be busy until a few days before Christmas. Need to talk to Mr. Cha Cha about a fun holiday vacation.

Missing my blog writing and reading: Hope you all have been well.  For those of you who have blogs, I'll try to do some blog reading this coming weekend to see what you all have been doing.


Rebecca said...

Hey, Sharon! Too bad about your iPhone. About the "sheep photo"--unless my eyes deceive me, those are goats! ;-) I'm busy cranking out products and patterns, too!

Samual said...

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Sharon said...

OMG, Rebecca, you are right. I grabbed the photo fast while I was writing the post last night. Too funny! I better add a correction.

Samual, I have a local web design team that are good friends of mine, but thanks for your link and good wishes for your business.

Erin Wallace said...

You've been a busy gal! Thanks for including a photo of my most fav animal (and breed) ever!!

xo Erin